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Water for Life

No matter what kind of water you drink,   Drink More Water!

Water For Life is a gem in the middle of Riverton, Utah. With the best water, best prices, and best service; you’ll find what you’re looking for… guaranteed!​​​​​​​

Please use our 24/7 vending machines

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Locally Owned & Operated

We’re a local store, close by and ready to serve. Don’t ship your drinking water from across the country. 

Shipping water has a huge carbon footprint to it.  
Buy local. Buy fresh.

Our PH+ Water or Hydrogenated Water

Our Hydrogenated water is made from water after it goes through reverse osmosis.  By running it through filters with Selenium and Magnesium the water is infused with extra Hydrogen atoms.

This makes it a powerful antioxidant that lasts longer in the environment.

Our Ionized Water

Ionized Water is a Powerful Antioxidant! Imagine having the ability to give water a NEGATIVE ORP (or charge), which is a positive process. 

Put simply, a high or rising ORP causes oxidation. The negative ORP of Ionized Water literally retards the oxidation process by counteracting this rising ORP. Ionized Water essentially rejuvenates us.

Our PH Neutral Drinking Water

All of our water is PH balanced.  This is the water in our fill station and vending machines.

No other water store in the state remineralizes their post RO product. It’s not only healthier, it tastes better.

Everything You Need

Our store is designed to get you in and out easily and quickly. 

Come check out our “Smart” design, you’ll love it!

We carry water bottles and most accessories for water storage and use. 

Check out our vending machines

This gives you the ease of access without being in contact with anyone. 24/7 for your conveinence

Our Name Says It All

Are you ready for the best water you have tasted?

You will taste the difference. Water as it should be.

About Us


No Store Does What We Do!

Water For Life carries everything you need to save on, and enjoy purified drinking water (we re-mineralize our water with sea-based minerals). Not only do we provide the purest, freshest PH balanced drinking water (7.5).

For our Ionized product, we perform post-RO Ionization. So our Ionized water has no chlorine or fluoride. It doesn’t get better than that!

For our Hydrogenated water, we use post RO water and add selenium, magnesium, and other minerals to get an extremely strong ORP (anti-oxidant) value.

Always Fresh

Water For Life is a one of a kind purified water retailer. It’s designed to get you in and out easily and quickly. Come check out our “Smart” design, you’ll love it!​​​​​​​

24/7 Availability

Use our 24-hour Vending Machine! When you come by and visit us during our open hours, we’ll help you to the car with your filled bottles! Check our hours below.


Our mission is to provide you with the best tasting water conveniently, and at a great price. We have searched the world and have brought together the best and latest water technology.​​​​​​​

When purchasing water credits, they can be bought in bundles of 100, 200, or ​​​​​​​up to ​​​​​​​400.  You may use your credits anytime you want. For example, if you buy a 100-gallon credit, you can pick up 3 one day, 7 another, 10 another, etc. up until you use up the credits.  The more credits you purchase at one time, the less expensive it is. Pricing for individual gallons are plus tax. 

Purified PH Balanced
1 credit/gal

Ionized Water
2 credits/gal

Hydrogen Water
3 credits/gal



Super friendly staff! Joyce and Stephanie are very knowledgeable and helpful. A clean and inviting store always has a yummy smell to meet your nose. Rinsing spout for your containers.

Quick access to spring water or, our choice, hydrogen water.”

Racquel A

This store is amazing 👏 so many hidden benefits here and the staff is both loving and kind ❤lite, and he got the job done quickly. Thank you so much!

Jordan G

A place to get the best-filtered water for the best prices anywhere!

Very Friendly and Helpful Staff!

Richard L

This is probably one of the best places I’ve been to when it comes to stocking up on water and prepping for the future. Great price and quick and easy service. I most definitely will be coming back here.

Israel V

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